Tulsa, Oklahoma - Comfort Inn Tulsa - Downtown West

This Comfort Inn is located 1 mile from the Tulsa Convention Center, 5 miles from the University of Tulsa, 7 miles from Big Splash Waterpark and is within 10 miles of Tulsa International Airport

Hotel Address: 2316 W Cameron St, Tulsa, OK 74127

BRG claim valid for:

Chi 120x60

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Valid Dates: August dates!

Some random samples: 8/2, 8/21, 8/27

Room Details: 1 Queen ns / 1 King ns

Cancellation Policy: Free Cancellation

Room Occupancy: 2 Adults

Rate Variation (for sample date 8/21):

Competitors - $63.99 / Choice - $79.99 BAR (Both Room Types)

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Chi 120x60