Apr 14, 2019

How to find the BEST hotel prices and BRG deals using our search engines!

If you're new to comparing hotel rates for finding BRGs, metasearch engines are truly a great way to get started! They exist for one reason - to help you find the cheapest hotel price by searching hundreds of travel websites around the Internet. For those of you who aren't familiar with metasearch engines, these sites are essential for finding BRG leads! We're extremely pleased to have them here to help us save money on travel .. more specifically, hotels!

Here's how they work for hotels, step-by-step:

 Step #1 - You'll start off by selecting your travel destination and preferred dates.

 Step #2 - These websites will gather the hotel rates from literally hundreds of major (and fairly unknown) travel sites from around the globe. Then, once you are shown the various prices for a particular hotel, you simply click on it and it will bring you to the actual booking page on the website where it was found (sites such as Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, Booking.com and plenty of others .. including a large variety of booking sites that you will discover for the very first time!).

Step #3 - These search engines will compare the hotel prices from all of these travel sites, displaying each rate side-by-side for direct comparison. 

For excellent results in finding great deals and/or price discrepancies, we highly recommend a search site called Wego.com. Click the banner link to compare dozens of booking sites! Simply select your search criteria .. and you're set to go!

Another great site you may wish to try to enhance your search is Momondo.com - where you'll find scores of hotel booking sites to compare prices from.

You needn't be a pro. It's easy to skim cities to look for these rate discrepancies, especially if you have a keen eye for saving money!

Folks, this is how you will spot price discrepancies, identify who offers the lowest, and pursue a potential BRG lead!

Finding BRG leads is all about comparison!

With sites like Wego and Momondo at your fingertips, we've pretty much got you covered - they are wonderful, up-and-coming search engines! There is no better (or quicker) way than this to spot a potential BRG opportunity! Even if you aren't able to find one, these search engines will tell you what the cheapest hotel in town is. They will search literally dozens of different websites, often very obscure ones, and provide you with some killer rates.

I encourage everyone to check them out today! They are essential for what we do here, and are truly a great resource for the hardcore traveler!

One thing I must stress ...

Always be sure to click the displayed rate, then the "Book Now" button. Doing so will verify that the rate has not changed from what you were originally shown. Good luck!