Aug 28, 2014

How to Book a Room for the Best Western BRG

For the Best Western Best Rate Guarantee, you must book a room type with a "Publicly-Available" rate on for any Best Western branded hotel in North-America. If you find a lower rate of this same type on a competitor's booking site (for that same room type you booked), Best Western will then honor that lower rate .. and send you a $100 Travel Card to use towards a future Best Western hotel booking!

A publicly-bookable rate is one that absolutely anyone can book. In other words, it is available to the general public. It cannot be a AAA rate, AARP senior rate, CAA, government rate, or any other rate of that nature.

On, anyone can book the:
  • FLEXIBLE RATE - this is usually a pay-at-hotel booking where your credit card info is entered in order to hold the room. (Please verify this under "Rate Details". On some occasions, it may be a non-cancellable rate.) You can cancel this booking up until the hotel's specified cancellation time (which is usually 1-2 days prior to the check-in date in most cases).
  • BEST VALUE RATE - this is usually a non-cancellable booking. (please verify this under "Rate Details". On some occasions, it may be a free cancellation rate.)
  • WEB SPECIAL - could be either a free cancellation or nonrefundable rate (depending on the hotel or season)
  • 7 OR 14 DAY ADVANCE PURCHASE RATE - usually this rate is non-refundable.
Ideally, with the Best Western BRG you'll want to book whichever rate is the "no-risk" one. (free cancellation). So most often you'll find yourself booking the "Flexible Rate". Again, there could be exceptions.

The rate you find on a competing website needs to be lower than all 4 of these rate types. If it's lower than these, but still higher than the "non-qualifying" AAA, senior, government rates, etc. on, this is okay. The lower rate cannot be a "sale" rate. There must be at least a $1 USD price variation.

If your claim is approved, you will receive a $100 Best Western virtual travel card (email printout) within a few weeks after your hotel stay is completed! You may also request a plastic card in the mail. This may take an additional few weeks to get to you, but many seem to prefer to go this route.

Additional questions you may have can be found in the terms and conditions.

Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

If you book the cancelable rate on Best Western, to be eligible for a claim the competing rate must be lower than even the non-cancelable rate on Best Western?

David said...

Correct. The lower rate on the competing website must be lower than ANY Best Western rate that is available to EVERYONE, including the non-refundables you speak of.

(It doesn't need to be lower than Best Western's AAA, Senior rates etc. because those aren't available to everyone - only targeted individuals.)

Anonymous said...

Is there a limit to how many BRGs Best Western will honor within a given period. For e.g. I believe Choice will only honor one per household within 30 days of check-in dates?

David said...

Limit one (1) Travel Card per household
per claim for any stay and only one (1) Travel Card per household during any thirty (30)
day period (lower rate will be honored regardless of eligibility of Travel Card due to

Kyle said...

Can you use the travel card on future BRG's?

David said...

This link explains how the Best Western Travel cards work (FAQs):

Anonymous said...

I have a question... Is it possible to book the flexible rate and then match it to a non-refundable rate on another site (assuming that this non-refundable rate beats all the rates on best An example would be: hotel A has a rate of $100 (flexible) and $80 non refundable on the best western website. I find hotel A on another site with a non refundable rate of $70. Can i book the $100 flexible rate on best and then match it to this rate? Hope this makes sense

David said...

Probably, but you're new rate/booking will be adjusted (to $70) and become nonrefundable, if approved.