August 29, 2014

Welcome Newcomers!

Welcome to The BRG Deals Blog! My blog presents you with the various Best Rate Guarantee programs (BRGs as they're often called) offered by various hotel chains & groups. Learn how they work, how YOU can benefit from them and save money on travel in the process!

Trust me, saving money can become quite addictive! You may never have to pay full price on a hotel room again!

What is a BRG, you ask?

A "BRG" is a slang acronym for "Best Rate Guarantee".

A "Best Rate Guarantee" is a travel provider's guarantee that they will provide the lowest rate available for your hotel room on the internet, or provide you with some form of compensation, whether that be rate matching (Expedia), beating by a percent amount (Marriott, Hilton), awarding you with rewards points (Marriott, Wyndham), a $100 travel card (Best Western), or by giving you a $50 Reward Card or free night (Choice Hotels). These are just a handful of deals you'll find out there! Full details and/or links to these programs can be found on this blog.

BRGs go by many names - some will call their guarantee the "Best Price Guarantee". But for the purposes of this website, we'll be calling EVERY guarantee a "Best Rate Guarantee" for simplicity's sake.

As with any BRG deal, results will vary. Some claims will be approved and some won't. It all depends on the agent who is assigned your claim. The validity of that claim is determined by them, at their sole discretion. Each may interpret your claim differently - no two reps usually think alike!

The fact is, BRG opportunities usually do not last for very long! The nature of these deals is that they are time-sensitive.

So, just a friendly reminder that rummaging through the archives should only be done out of curiosity to find out what has been available before. If you want to try one, go for it, but don't always expect them to work - most will have long died.

And, if you're denied, take it with a grain of salt. It's worth trying, if nothing else.

Enjoy the BRG hunt, and welcome to the blog!